Select name drop down list from CSV not perfect match

First time poster, and newbie when it comes to selenium. Thanks for anyone’s help!

I have a drop down menu with the name “JOE M SMITH”, and a CSV file with three columns “JOE”, “SMITH” and “JOE SMITH” – yet I am unable to select the correct name because it is not the exact same value on the list.

Two possible solutions I am thinking of, but I do not have enough understanding of Kantu to make it work properly.

If I’m manually entering JOE, I get the correct individual highlighted,I can click on the name and it works fine. Note, I can’t use the type command. I get the error. "run command: element found is neither input nor textarea

Anyway I can make this work? I rather not use this solution because in the future we might have another “JOE” on the drop down.

Could I adjust my variable so
var joe_smith = “JOE M SMITH”

then I can use joe_smith as my variable to select the correct item in a drop down menu.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi, can you please add a screencast or at least a screenshot of the website? This will make the situation clearer, and then it is easier to suggest something.

Ok, great I’ll have to get that addon.