Select an element that has dynamic ID by title

I do need to click in a field that have dynamic ID, is the first field from the table:
Input Id changes a lot, it only maintains WD, but there are several buttons on there that starts with WD and are also dynamic.
This is the button

The field that I want to select is Name Field.
I tried XClick and Xclick relative, it was working fine before but now Xclick is, no matter how well i selected the field, clicking at “Ocultar/Exibir” button.

I assume you used XClick | xpath?

Have you tried XClick | (image) or even XClick | ocr=text?

Or is it the “SONDA CCABO HACH” that you need to click? If so, is there always only 1 entry?

Disse Dhabi foi for your help Plankton.
I do need to click at the box on the right of “Numero”. I have not tryied xpath, is there a way to use that for dynamic ID?

Look, when I use Xclick the document finds the correct field, but it does select the wrong button to click. Instead of clicking at “Numero” box it does click at “Ocultar/Exibir Parâmetros de busca”:

Oh, I see. Then as a test:

  1. Does the DemoXClick macro work ok on your machine?

  2. If not: Try the UI automation workaround described here: XClickRelative not working. Mouse cursor always off about an inch

…but actually, since the red rectangle is in the right place, it should work. Strange. Where on the page is the " “Ocultar/Exibir Parâmetros de busca” area it clicks?


Thank you so much for your help.

I did test the extension on Mozzila and then it works perfectly, my only problem is that sometimes when I use Xtype | ${KEY_ENTER} when saving the file it sometimes do not complete the action.

It sometimes does not work, it run the line but the action “Salvar” that is “Save” button does not respond.

Do you have a recommendation for this?

Bests Regards

So the macro works, but “only” sometimes it does not work? Have you tried adding a PAUSE command before you send the xtype ENTER command?

I tryied Ulrich, but at least I solved by configuring Moziila to not exibit download and then I’m using file(1); file(2) automatic filename saving. Hope that Kantu will provide Ondownload | changename for mozilla