SeeShell Error Code Descriptions

When using the SeeShell APIs, there are different numerical error codes that are output but I have no idea what they mean? Can you provide descriptions and mapping to all error codes?


It looks like this is info is still missing from our api docs page. I will make a note that it (finally) gets added Monday, since you are not the first user asking this. As for the info itself, there is a summary in a previous forum post already. I copy it here as well. => if there are still any unclear error codes, please let us know.

Status codes explained (from here):

  • 1 = Macro completed ok

  • -1 to -100: API related error codes. => These errors typically happen if the API can not communicate with the SeeShell app for some reason (e. g. SeeShell is closed). Currently we have:

  • -1 with Open command: Failed to start SeeShell,

  • -1 with Play command: Timeout (= no answer from SeeShell within the timeout limit, you can increase the timeout limit with a second parameter like Play ("macro", 300) => 5 min timeout. Increasing the timeout is necessary of you have macros that run very long.

  • -10 Application closed (happens e. g. if you close SeeShell but the scripts still runs)

  • -20 No application found or created (specific to Open command)

  • -201: SeeShell macro run error - these are the errors that you also see in the red SeeShell error box (see the screenshots below). To get details on this error you can call GetLastError which returns the same text that you also see in the red error box.

  • -220: User pressed Stop

  • -221: App closed by user

  • -800: Macro file not found

Example for error reporting with Powershell (“201” error code => image not found):

$i = $comObj.Play("D1")


Error number displayed (= return value of Play):

Error text is available with the GetLastError call ( comObj.GetLastError() )

You find the latest list of API error codes now in the SeeShell docs: SeeShell API Error codes.