SeeShell Browser Replay won't download a file

Is anyone having issues when downloading files using seeshell browser app? I am able to download fine when I record the macro, but when I play it back the file will not download. I thought maybe it was a file overwrite issue, so I made sure the file was deleted before replaying the macro. I also thought it was an issue that I needed to set the download directory parameter, but that did not matter either.

thanks for the report. We confirmed the issue and fixed it with today’s release. You find the new version of SeeShell and SeeShell Browser here:

Note that in the new version the download command is no longer required - the browser automatically catches and handles the file download.

Hi, love the product. I am still having issues running macros that download files from websites. Is there a security setting in the chromeium browser control that needs to be set for download?

I have tried using the set parameter before the download step in the macros, but that does help.

I can use native chrome and download files fine, but when I record or replay using SeeShell Browser the files will not download. Your help is greatly appreciated.



Answered here: Seeshell Browser doesn't download my files on record or replay