Seeshell - ALT+SPACE within TYPE command?

I am trying to use the “Restore” and “Maximize” commands for a windowed program in Windows 10 using Seeshell. The keyboard shortcut to restore the window would be ALT+SPACE, then “r”. The keyboard shortcut to maximize the window would be ALT+SPACE, then “x”.

Is it possible to have Seeshell perform these actions using the TYPE command?

Seems not possibile

Read Here

In UI.Vision this should work fine with XType (@newuserkantu it seems the user does not need to hold down keys, just press them).

SeeShell I have not used for years, so I am not sure.

I do actually have to hold down ALT and then press SPACE. In Seeshell, for instance, if I wanted to paste something (CTRL+V) I would use the following string within the TYPE command: ^(v)

The parenthesis indicate to Seeshell that I want the keys pressed together.

My problem is that I do not know how to refer to the SPACEBAR in the TYPE command. I have tried just using a " " (space) but that did not work. I have also tried {SPACE} as that is the same convention used for other keys; {ENTER}, {TAB}, etc.

This page contains a list of these codes: under the SeeShell Special Keys [Desktop] section, but no mention of the SPACE bar.

This may all be moot as ulrich recently mentioned that google will be putting an update in place that will block Seeshell from logging in to web sites on Chrome in the near future. I guess I need to say goodbye to my weekends for the next few months!

Can you try ALT+SPACE because space seems not a modifier key

I can not open the menu with


Can you try in your browser, because i have more bug with xclick and xtype.

If it working can you post an image, in my browser XType | ${KEY_ALT+KEY_SPACE} do not working and do not open firefox menu to minimize browser.