Saving a pdf in a browser

It feels like this should be really easy, what am I missing?

If I visit a url which is actually a pdf the browser displays it as shown in the attached image. Now in the browser I have two options for saving the pdf. There is a toolbar that flips in from the top and soon disappears that has the download icon. I don’t seem to be able to select that during recording. I can also right click the mouse and use the “save as” option in the context menu but I don’t seem to be able to capture the right click etc. Is there some other function in Kantu that I can use?


The recording feature only works on real websites, not for PDF and not for Chrome internal pages (such as the settings)

Yes! You can use the XType command to send Ctrl+S (open save dialog) and ENTER. This is very similar to the DemoXType macro that ships with Kantu. It uses the same key sequence to save a website.