Save the text specified segment of xpath in csv

The text is (Your verification code is 044745)
Can I just save the code of 044745 to csv?

I don’t know if it can be done.




This is a regular split text can be done with executescript

Thanks, I saw the same problem. It has been solved. Thank you for your answers.

Can uivision call the api of someone else’s website?

This is a question for @admin I do not know this feature

Yes, see Fetching Json data from API - #2 by ulrich

Another option is to use XRUN and call an eternal script that does the API call.

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Keep data:+12345678901

How do I split this. I don’t understand the split. There is nothing wrong with the regular expression. Request for remarks

Here example to split test

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Brother, think of a way, because each of the xpath values I need to get is unique.

If value=BBB (this value is the only one that exists on the web page)
Use web page inspection (F12) to search for BBB to locate the actual value position, and extract the xpath or css of the position

In reality, the value is a variable (but it has no effect here)

Split it , search a fixed part and use it to split