Run macro with firefox via command line path not recognized

Hi @admin

I tried to run a macro saved in my hard drive and saved inside a folder via batch file and show path not recognized.

How can i run with firefox a macro without bug ?

Browser Firefox, OS windows 7 Kantu 5.1.9

Is there anyone who can with firefox use hard drive mode to save macros, and explains to me how to start kantu from the command line (batch file) with a macro saved in a folder and run it via command line ?


What command line do you use? And what exact error message do you get?

Hi @Plankton

I do not see option to set the path in command line i tried this code but give me error, path not found

“D:\Programmi Installati\Firefox Portable ESR Quantum 1\FirefoxPortable.exe” “file:///C:/Users/Windows/Desktop/Kantu_Start.html?macro=test&folder=test&direct=1&storage=xfile&closeBrowser=0&closeKantu=1”

I create a macro with the name test and save this macro in test folder.

I exported macro to create the html file.

I tried in more modes but the result is the same, How can i add the path of the macro ?

I can run a testsuite (all macros in a folder).

I can run a macro in the root via command line (not inside a folder).

I can not run 1 specified macro inside a folder because return path not found.

Thanks for help