Run from here if error

hello everyone,

I have a bit of a specific problem, tbh i dont really know why the error occurs.

I am scrapping values and storing them in multiple csvs. one step in the macro involves:

  1. scrapping value at T=0
  2. scrapping value at T=1
  3. pasting value at T=1 in google
  4. pasting minus value at T=0 in same querry box

Macro stops when it is supposed to read and store the last line of csv T=0.

I can solve it if I rerun the macro from error. Is there a way to automate this? store / true / !errorIgnore doesnt work, Im specifically thinking about Right click --> Run from here

Thanks in advance.

error msg is that end of csv is reached, which cannot be because csv has just been created and this is the first loop.

store / true / errorIgnore + writing manually the command again also doesnt work because this one fails too for the same reason. Just restarting the entire macro from that point onwards does.

Hello Kristjan_Dekleva,

are you putting in the ! for error ignore i.e:

  "Command": "store",
  "Target": "true",
  "Value": "!errorignore"

Also, are you able to post an example of your code? It really helps with figuring out what is going on.