Retrieve <a> text

Hi experts,
I have a situaztion like following HTML:

<div id="section_123" class="a1">
   <a href="" class="" id="link1_123">Click me</a> 
   <span id="span1_123" class="xyz"></span>
   <pan id="span2_123" class="xyz2"></span> 
   <a href="" id="link2_123" class="xyz3">text to be read</a>

I want to store in a variable text of last line before . How can I access it?
My goal is, after execution, having a variable like TEXT = “text to be read”

Could you help me? Is it possible to do it without Xtags?

Thank you very much!

Here my solution code

  "Name": "AAA",
  "CreationDate": "2022-10-28",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "storeText",
      "Target": "xpath=//a[@class='xyz3']",
      "Value": "MyText",
      "Description": ""


MYTEXT "text to be read"