Restarting after an error

I’m reading from a csv, open a page, scroll down and verify that an element exists, then wash rinse repeat for every item in the csv.

My automation works pretty good except that sometimes, a slow page-load causes the script to die.

If I then try to restart the loop script, it will fail unless I manually execute an “end” command first, which seems to tell the program to actually end and then be OK to restart.

Is that normal? Shouldn’t it be easier to restart? Or is that tied to some other feature?

[Edit: I’ve happily just noticed that this behavior doesn’t exist in FireFox! Only in Chrome/Edge)

Hi, what you you mean with “restart”? Manually run the macro again, or something you do in the macro?

It was when I would attempt to re-run the macro normally, it would give me an error and not let me proceed until I then ran the loops’ End command.