Repeatif reading from a CSV?

Me, back again haha

Is there any way to get a repeatif to read from a CSV?

Right now I have the repeatif as $group != “ABCD”

But every time I want something different in for ABCD, I need to upload a new CSV. Is there a way to get it to just read a second column of the document?

Yes yiu can do this, use COL1 in if_v2 and change the database used in the macro

You must create all csv before and you read the csv you need

Best solution is use hard drive mode and csv in your hard disk, in this mode you create before all csv and read the csv you need.

My issue though is this loop is in a loop. I think I need to identify what Column 2 actually is but I’m not sure how to do that.

To manage and loop through csv is way better to use javascript in ExecuteScriptSandbox. A lot faster and easier to code in javascript than in line commands with Ui.Vision