[Recreator Required] "VisualAssert: No input image found for file name" on Hard Drive. Works on Local Storage mode

Hello! I am new to Kantu so I might be doing something completely wrong but whenever I try to use XClick and use the select feature to select the image, it gives an error saying "visualAssert: no input image found for file name ‘filename.png’.
I’ve retried it, I’ve looked into the “Visual” tab and I can see all the images that the program says it can’t find, restarted Kantu, my computer, everything.
Thank you for the awesome program!

Does this happen after a fresh install? Then this can be this issue: VisualAssert Error (Arguments to path.join must be strings)

It’s happened since I first installed it, however doesn’t go away after closing all chrome processes and even restarting the computer.

I’ve tried everything on this form and nothing seems to work. Is there another workaround for this?

Did this issue “go away” meanwhile?

i have the exact same issue. ocr=text doesn’t work as well.
beyond that xclicks sometimes aren’t executed where they should.