[Recreator Required] Macro randomly slowing down

Recently my macros start to slow down randomly. A macro can run for 1, 10, 20, or any given number of loops without a problem. And then -suddenly- all goes into slow motion. Every next command takes ages. And it’s most notably when you see the pause command: every second takes up to 20 seconds in real-time.

It seems very random: the slowing down seemingly can start anywhere in the script. Restarting does not really change anything (sometimes it works fine, sometimes it takes a few restarts before it’s ‘not slow’)

System: Win7 + Chrome

(btw: There are csvread commands but from quite lightweight csv-files (a few hundred lines). And it’s not at the csvread that the slowing down occurs.)

Did anyone experience somehting similar?

Best regards


Write your macro code please