Recording Drag and Drop

I need to record drag and drop functionality for test suite.

I have read the information regarding DragAndDropToObject (

It appears the only alternative is to use seeshell however I have tried that and it seems like overkill due to the size of the test as each mouse movement is recorded. The JSON is massive (and the playback is slow). I tried to extract just the drag and drop part of the test from seeshell (the JSON) and include this at the correct step in my Kantu recording but this does not work due to incompatibility.

Does anyone know how I can get round this?
Thank you

For Kantu: Do you have a test page for us?

Yes, SeeShell and Kantu scripts are not compatible, at least not yet. But with SeeShell, it seems you used mouse recording, which is really just intended for quick tests. With image-driven automation, drag and drop is just one command in seeshell.

Unfortunately you cannot access the test page as this is on my corporate local network.

I have tried using the ‘Image recording mode’ in seeshell but find restriction with the command on move (just over, up and down). I need to record a click, drag and drop (onto an element on the page). I can’t see how the link you provided - “drag and drop is just one command” ( relates to the functionality in the image recording mode.

Please can you advise?

See How to click and drag in RPA