Questions from a newbie

Hi Kantu Admin, thanks for your help with some initial problems using your software last week. Here are some remaining questions:

  • In order to use Kantu, do I need to keep the Selenium add-on and keep it enabled, or can I remove it from Firefox?
  • Can Kantu be started up without clicking the icon to the right of the address bar? If so, can that icon be removed?
  • Would it be difficult to allow the values of !replayspeed to accept an integer for the number of miliseconds, instead of just the three text values that equate to 0, 300, and 2000 miliseconds?
  • If I’m using Kantu with Storage Mode set to “File system”, and I develop a macro on my hard drive and press the “Reload” button (two head-to-tail arrows in a circle), and if there’s a bug in the macro, then the reload just leaves it out of the list. Could this behavior be changed to include it in the list with some kind of indicator that there’s a compile error or something like that? As it is, it’s confusing when a macro I know is there is not listed until I remember, “Oh, it’s missing form the list; that means there’s a bug.”
  • Finally, I’m still interested in a solution to the problem of final Enters not being recognized, if you’ve had any insights on that.

Thanks again.

It can be removed. Both extensions implement Selenium commands, but are different tools.

you can start Kantu via command line and bookmark scriplets. The icon can not be removed without uninstalling Kantu, but Chrome offers the option to “hide (the extension icon) in chrome menu”.

Not difficult at all - but can you please tell my why you would need this? I am trying to understand the use case (Maybe as a new post, so we can discuss it better).

Ouch, you are right! This is a very good point, we will improve this asap.

Thank you for your answers. As you suggested, I started a new topic to follow up your answer to the third question (about replay speed). I also started a new topic to ask for clarification on your answer to the first one (about removing Selenium from Firefox). And I see that you responded to the fifth question (about Enter not being recognized) with a response in a previous topic on that subject, and I’ll respond further there.

Is there a typo in your answer to the second question?

Did you mean “cannot”?

yes, the icon can be hidden but it cannot be removed (these are the words from the Chrome team, not mine)

Is the answer for Firefox the same or different?