Proxy usage and plan (free, personal, pro, enteprise)

Hi @admin

I would like to know to use the proxy command what plan need to have.

I would like to know the Free, Personal, Pro, Entreprice plan for the proxy command what difference they have.

Here i do not read nothing about proxy command and update will be appreciated.


Proxy switching is counted per macro run.

Proxy command limits:

  • Free: 5
  • Personal: 10
  • PRO: Unlimited
  • Enterprise: Unlimited

PS: If need be, the limit workaround via command line works also for the proxy command :wink:

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Thanks for support :slight_smile:

I’ve been using proxies for a long time. I can’t imagine how I lived without them before. I only remember that one day my friend told me to buy a thailand proxy and said it would help me with stable and private connections and even VPN. However, I’m looking forward to trying new companies that make them. Don’t get me wrong; there isn’t anything wrong with the one I use now. However, I’, feeling a little adventurous. Get back to me, please. I want to get more information about this.

Same here. But I’m using German proxies. What proxy to use depends on where you are and where the web server of your target site is located.