Problem to use xclick in Desktop Automation

I am having trouble to use the Desktop Automation part of UI.Vision.
I’ve done several tutorials and I didn’t get to run even the simple example of the calculator (
Then, I have tried to run the macro DemoXDesktopAutomation and I had the following message:" Image ‘desktop_area_topleft_dpi_96.png’ (conf. = 0.6) not found".

Best Leonardo

Desktop automation require the same resolution of you monitor because works with image.

You must create a desktop automation with your monitor and work in your monitor only, because if you change the solution desktop automation can not work because image are different.

I already automate windows calc and i must recorder every image to detect correct calc button in my pc with my monitor and mu resolution.

lfkoblitz - I’ve just used this for the first time today and have come to a similar conclusion…a bit more testing reveals that: -

  • I’m not able to set the focus (within Desktop Automation) unless I click the application to be controlled before running the macro
  • Multiple desktop screens really mess with it and it’s only really aware of one screen (had to disconnect the other two and work on a single screen :persevere:)

As a concept this will be brilliant when it works a little better and I for one can’t wait to use it in earnest (I might even pay for it when it does what it promises :wink:)