Problem on setting up !OCRTableRecogntion

I’m getting an error: Not allowed to write to ‘!OCRTableRecogntion’
when setting !OCRTableRecogntion to true

Here’s my macro in json
“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “true”,
“Value”: “!OCRTableRecogntion”

Hi, where did you find !OCRTableRecognition ? Is it in the RPA documentation somewhere?

More importantly: Do you need to use table recognition or parse receipts? What would be the use case? Since the OCR API supports it, adding such a switch would be easy.

Update: !OcrTableExtraction is already supported.

I’ve found it at

Yes I do need to use the table recognition.

FYI, I’m using the free version. Is this feature only allowed to paid plans?

Ah, I see. There was a bug in the documentation. The correct parameter is !OcrTableExtraction. I updated the website accordingly.

So with store | true | !OcrTableExtraction the table ocr works as it should.

Technically what this switch does is to make sure that the results are returned line by line, and that the OCR software does not try to find text columns where there are none.

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