Problem Installation XModule


i installed Xmodule like your documentation. I dezipped in a folder Kantu in home/user/destock after i have executed “bash”

The application reponse is “All done. Happy Automation!”

But in the settings of Kantu, in the setting Xmodules, Kantu don’t see the installation. When i go click on “test it”, this reponse is showed “status updated: not installed”.

thank you for your future answers

Chrome last Version
Ubuntu 18.10

Hmm… this is now the second report of a user having problems installing the XModules in Ubuntu. :thinking:

=> In the next days, we will run a few tests here and see if we can recreate the issue.

Thank you for your answer.


Hi, It’s actually the third report. I have the same issue under 18.04 and replied under the ‘other’ lubuntu thread a few days ago.

Thank you

Please see Xmodules not installed in lubuntu 18.04 - Kantu for Chrome/Firefox