Possible to change the file path of recorder macros

Hi @all,

Can recorded macros be saved and played back to a different location? Is it possible to change the file path?

Our admin has locked drive C and recording is no longer possible. :frowning:

I hope there is a solution because Kantu for Firefox works perfect for me in the past.

Best regards


Are you using the new Kantu Beta version V3.2.2 with the XFileAccess module or the current Kantu main release, V3.1.8?

Hi, i have to use Firefox ESR 52.5.0 (32 bit) and Kant Web Browser Automation 3.3.3. But when it comes to download the xfile access module, here on my pc it is forbidden to download. Have you an other solution how to install the xfile access mdoule. Maybe you can include it in the extension?

I wish so much to use Kantu again :frowning:

Hope you have a solution for me how to solve this problem.

Kind regards


For technical reasons the fileaccess xmodule can not be included with Kantu itself. Maybe you can download it on a different machine, and then use a USB stick or so to bring to to your PC, if this is allowed.

The XModule installation itself does not require administrator rights, so unless installations are blocked completely, you should be to install it.