Populate fields based on CSV data and variable website layout

We are relatively new to macros, coding, automation, etc., however we have recently used SeeShell Pro Desktop mode to automate a few repetitive daily tasks. Obviously there are some limitations to using SeeShell Pro Desktop as our Macros are at this point are highly dependent on image recognition.

The specific task that we would now like to automate involves a CSV file which would contain a list of Purchase Order numbers and their associated tracking numbers as well as invoice numbers and ship quantities. See below for a screenshot of the website that needs to be populated using this data:

We would need the process to recognize which line of data to use for each entry on the website based on the Purchase Order number that is listed.

In the image above, the data populated in the first section would correspond to Purchase Order 008. The process would then continue down the page and populate the second section using the data in the CSV that corresponds to Purchase Order 0089.

Is there a good example/demo that would help me to program this?

Any help would be much appreciated!