Playing testsuite with subfolder is not possible


i have a project with few folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders.

–> room 1 --> test 1, test 2, test 3
–> room 2 --> test 4, test 5, test 6
–> room 2/1 --> test 7, test 8, test 9
–> room 2/2 --> test 10, test 11, test 12
–> room 3 --> test 13, test 14, test 15

I can play testsuite from “room2/1” --> test 7-9 runs --> ok
But i can´t play the suite from “room 2” with the test from “room 2/1” and “room 2/2”

Is this a bug or a feature request?


Running 5.0.4 (paid) on Chrome

This is a feature request :wink:

Currently the design is that “Folder as test suites” means !Play all macros in a certain folder", but ignore sub-folders. The idea behind this is that it allows you to use sub-folder for sub-macros (that you can then include via the RUN command).

Ok i understand the idea with the RUN command. Thats nice.

Maybe you can make my feature request possible from the right click menu … the menu entry “Testsuite: Play all in folder” is still there … is there for the main folder and all other sub and sub-sub folders …


To clarify this further:

…so essentially you want the ability to mark (check?) several folders, and then play them all at once?

Or to play all subfolders inside a folder?


this were great …