Pause macro, then restart based on user UI interaction

The macros I’ve created loop through search results and manipulate crud UIs to improve data quality. Whenever a change is made to existing data, I use a prompt to pause execution and wait for the end user to inspect the changes and make edits if desired. When satisfied, the user clicks ‘continue’ and the macro proceeds. I wish there was a way to pause execution but rather than using a prompt, allow the user to click the UI save button to continue execution. The command would be something like ‘waitForEvent’ where it can analyze the event and take different action based on the target element.

Your request is not understood, explain better what you need to do and add pictures because you understand little from the message you wrote.

I want to:

  1. Pause execution of a macro. (can do this already).
  2. Wait for the user to click a button in the UI.
  3. Restart the macro after the user clicks.

You can do this with If_v2 command using statusOK to check or onerror command

Here you find some examples

Do you mean a button in the UI.Vision RPA UI or on a website?

Wait for the user to click a button in the web site ui. I’ve been able to use executescipt to add event handler code to certain page events…but I want to take this a step further and allow user actions in the web page ui to continue after a pause command. Another thought would be to execute a run command based upon a user initiated event in the web page ui.

3 ideas that might help: