Opens many windows

Hey. I run the html macro in kantu for Mozilla Firefox and sometimes I run many windows with kantu, because of this the macro does not start. Sometimes everything starts correctly.

Hi! What is the command line that you are using?

open the site, press a few buttons on the button (the macro works if manually started)

the problem is that sometimes when you open a macro from html (autostart), 2-4 kantu tabs open at once. and because of this, the macro does not run
(this does not always happen, 1 time out of 2 starts normally)

p.s problem with mozilla browser. (I tried to run via chrome, the 1 tab of kantu stably opens, as it should be)

Can I limit the launch of kantu to 1 copy?

No, it happens in Chrome too.

The command-line I use is:


Unfortunately it did not help me.

Sorry, the last bit was replying to Admin

Please retest with V5.0, this issue should be solved now.