OCR API and C#, extract text from images

I tried your api to extract text from images using the sample C# code available in github.

For the images i tried, the api failed to extract the text. But when i upload the same image to your website, it is extracting the text correctly.

I would like to know if there is any difference between the free API version and the subscription version? I have no problem in paying for the subscription but would like to try few images and see the success rate.

Please advise.

There is no difference in the OCR recognition. There is “only” a difference in response time (the PRO API is much faster) and in the allowed file size (more in the PRO) and the number of PDF pages (unlimited in PRO PDF). And last but not least the PRO/PRO PDF api has 100% uptime guarantee.

The difference is the scale parameter, that is “true” for the online form. Please see here for more details: Difference between online OCR and OCR API?