Noob Alert: XClick Relative

Hello - I am trying to use the XClick Relative function to be able to click on a hyperlink that will always change. I want the Kantu tool to always click the same browser location. I am using Kantu 4.0.1 with Chrome and have downloaded the XModules.

I’ve set the Command to XClickRelative, and the next drop down is ‘Target’ from here i click ‘Select’ which allows me to draw a pink box, but i dont know how to enable the green option.

Also, from the online website it reads that i should rename the image file to end with ‘_relative.png’ but the tool itself has a popup box that indicates ‘please keep the ‘dpi_XX’ postfix’.

I’ve tried to get this to work many times but im still at a loss. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!


  1. You don’t need the “_relative” file extension. This was only needed in previous versions.

  2. You need to use the image editor to draw the green/pink box. You can see this in this video here:

In the video, the green/pink box is used for screen scraping with OCRExtract, in your case the pink area shows the place to click. But the way you draw the pink box is the same.