No macros found in zipped file which is backedup form kantu

kantu 5.0.5

while doing backup, Kantu is able to zipped file with the name “”, BUT
while opening it , there is no macros inside the macros folder, only demo folder is there.

Is it at my end or some other members are also facing the same?
Guide me pl.


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It works for me with V5.0.5. Is there nothing inside?

is it a bug or its happening at my side only?

Version is 5.2.3

Are your macros in a folder?

This is fixed on the latest version

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dont know what to say but what i understood is - if user do clicks on the backup button (run backup now ) then all the macros must be displays in this folder (pic).
but i am not getting any macros in this folder.

Pl. let me know if you still need any more info ?

Please test with the new V5.3.8, that should fix this.

what i did is i created a new folder and put my all macros in it.
That works for me.
Thanks @User9898 and @Ulrich