(New User) - Trying Kantu out, but recording only occasionally works?

Hoping this is a fairly straightforward answer!

I’m a n00b user… trying to see if Kantu will do what I want, but to start out with i’m just playing around with it.
What i’m trying to do is open a new tab, open a website (have tried many random ones, but even just google.com), search for something, copy some text.

When I record, it occasionally works (maybe 10% of the time) , but usually nothing gets captured… and sometimes it will log things that i did earlier (prior to the current tab i’m on).

Am I missing something?

v4.0.1, Chrome: Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit), on Linux Mint 19.1 (have also tested on an Ubuntu 18.10 machine)

many thanks!

Can you post a screencast of when it goes wrong?

hi ulrich, thanks for the quick follow up.

I think it’s as simple as needing to stay within the 1 tab. Seems to record consistently if I do this… however, I didn’t manage to get much further unfortunately.

I didn’t have any joy with it playing back on anything other than static elements. I installed the extension modules and played around with those, but still didn’t manage to get it to work on any dynamic ones.

I think at this stage, i’ve spent enough time trying to get a result, and i’m probably better off exploring other options.
Will keep this in mind as a tool for potential future use though…