New update check prevent macro from CMD


I have a different situation that I need to create a fresh profile in firefox before starting macro from CMD.
Its firefox on a kubuntu.

What I do is I have a clean profile in firefox that I have setup everything right and then I copy it as a new profile by just copying the profile dir to the new profile.

Macro works as it should be, but not always. Most of the time as its a new fresh macro uivision seems to check for updates I think as macro dont start and on the uivision bookmark icon "NEW’ appears so when you click on it it goes to uivision website first. After that you can use the macro.

Normaly this will not happen as most people have already click couple of times on the macro icon etc… but in my case as its a new profile and I havn’t click on it it prevent starting a macrom from CMD.

Sometimes it does work and it doesnt want to load the uivision website.

any workarround?


Hi, this is a good point. I moved your post to “feature suggestions” as it is not really a bug.

About the issue itself: Do you start UI Vision via the its RPA command line?

This my command

/usr/bin/firefox --new-window -P “$username” ‘file:///media/sf_kubuntu21/’

Any other option to work arround this? for example disconnection internet for 10 sec once macro start? I dont know… Or any settings to manual adjusting in the extension or other files of firefox?