Need to chech the price before buy

Hi. Please help me with this case.
I want to chech the price of link 1
Then i storetext with value : price1
After 10 minutes. I check again at that link and price already change. I try to save it. Storetext price 2. If price 2 < price 1. Click buy.
But i cant get the price 2 at the same link. Please help. Thanks.
Pause 600000
If {price2} < {price1}
Click buy
Go to start

Many thanks.

What does this mean? Can you link to the website that you need to check?

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Sorry because I wrote in a confusing way.
I mean, I have a product on the web for $10.
10 minutes after, the price of that product could be $9 or $11.
I want to check if after 10 minutes the price goes up or down to buy. I use the storeText command.

  • storeText | linkprice | price1
  • pause | 600000
  • storeText | linkprice | price2
  • If_v2 | {price2} < {price1}
  • Do something
  • Else
  • Do something
  • End.

Thanks for your help. I cant give you a link because its not on the real website.

Your script looks good to me. Maybe the problem is that the page is not refreshed after the price update. => Add the REFRESH command before the second storeText.

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