Navigation on web-page

Hello everyone.

I wonder if somebody will help me with an issue.
I have a webpage with following code:

< span class=“emr-summary-header”>const_1< /span >
< div class=“emr-summary-text”>var_1< /div >
< br>
< span class=“emr-summary-header”>const_2< /span>
< div class=“emr-summary-text”>var_2< /div >
< br>
< span class=“emr-summary-header”>const_3< /span >
< div class=“emr-summary-text”>var_3< /div >

Const_n is constant text. Var_n is variable text. They are located in some kind of widget (or java snippet, sorry for a such lame explanation, I know nothing about programming :slight_smile: ) inside web-page and I can’t find them in web-page’s source code. They have different x-paths in different web-pages, but forementioned code is doensn’t change.

I can’t automate following process:

  1. Find header const_n
  2. Store text var_n
  3. Paste stored text

Will be thankful if somebody can help with this issue.