Mouse without losing control

Hello, I’m trying to use Kantu to automate oracle form testing.

My question is, can Kantu simulate mouse clicks and keyboard inputs without me losing control of the mouse/keyboard?
I.e: I want to have automation running on main screen A with Kantu, while I continue to write macros on secondary screen B

I’m trying to switch from Sikuli for this exact reason, as Sikuli hijacks the mouse and keyboard


Kantu has 2 modes to work in the broser, can work without interfering with the mouse and keyboard and perform almost any automation and can also work simulating the mouse and keyboard.

The mode that simulates mouse and keyboard is used for sites where you can not automate certain elements, in that case you emulate mouse and keyboard and only in this case interferes with the mouse and keyboard but you can limit this action.

I personally let the macros work in the background and in the while I work with the mouse and tatiera without any interference.