Manifest V3: Workaround for password-protected proxy server with auth

V6.31 is our first release on the way to a Chrome V3 compatible Selenium IDE++/RPA software. We must do this migration as Google will stop supporting the older V2 format at some point in time.

We are confident that almost all features will “survive” this migration, but one feature that we are sure that will be lost is setProxy with auth. This is because it uses chrome.webRequest.onAuthRequest, and manifest v3 doesn’t have support for onAuthRequest yet. Of course, once Google decides to fix this bug, we will be able to support it again!

So to clarify: setProxy still works fine in V6.31, but password-protected proxy server (= with authentication) are no longer supported.


You can use this tool to use Google Chrome proxy with Username and Password:

This tool can create a local proxy and automatically inject user/password to real proxy server. (This tool is not from us).

The other option is of course to use UI.Vision for Firefox.