Macros Not Running and Sometimes Hang Downloading Log File

Running on Edge with Chrome Extension v 8.3.6.

With the “new with V8.1.3 the &savelog= parameter supports full paths now” option, I started to add savelog back since before it would ALWAYS hang my scripts with a window saying “Your file is still downloading. You might lose it if you close the browser” and you have to click one of the buttons.

Now since adding this new feature with the full paths back into my html files, I am getting this same error again. I realized that I was using c:\ instead of c:/ so I changed that and it worked for a few days, but failed again today.

This is the open line in the html file:

a id=“run” href=“”

It works unless it doesn’t. So randomly, I have macros downloading to the downloads folder and named c__Scripts_scriptlogs_itestmacroLog.txt. These are the ones that sometimes hang with the question to continue downloading or close the browser.

I have also noticed, that when it does this the log files show 2 or 3 lines and that is all. If I look at the macros in the extension, they are GREEN, but only the first 2 or 3 lines are green in the actual macro and THAT IS ALL THAT RAN. So it basically skipped the rest of the macro and closed. Then marked it green that it didn’t have issues. WTF.

OK, it actually appears that only the open command gets to the log, even though the macro shows the open command and the bringbrowsertoforeground command both as green showing they worked.

Also, it is not always the same macros. Each macro is called from it’s own auto created HTML file with it’s own log file designated. Sometimes the log file ends up in the right folder (C:\Scripts\ScriptLogs) and then the next day ends up in downloads with the filename including the path!

When the log file goes to the right folder, the macro runs properly. When it goes to the downloads folder, it has failed to run beyond the open/bring to foreground lines.