Macro to JUnit / TestNG export

Hello everyone,

I would like to know is there an option to export Kantu macros to JUnit / TestNG?

thanks in advance!

Kantu does not have code export yet.

Kantu does have:

  • HTML export (compatible to the classic Firefox Selenium IDE)
  • JSON macro export
  • Command line interface - you can start and run Kantu directly from Java
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@TechSupport When will the code export (JUnit) feature be available? Do you have a timescale?

UI.Vision has meanwhile (as the updated name suggests :wink:) extensive computer vision support for visual test automation and robotic process automation (RPA). This includes image recognition, text recognition (OCR) and real user event simulation.

JUnit and Selenium web driver in general does not support such features by design. This is no surprise, as web driver and Selenium are only intended for classic HTML automation. They are classic web automation tools. Therefore we can not add generic code export.

But instead, UI.Vision has:

  • Powerful command line API. It can be used from any programming or scripting language! Thus there is no need for code export.

If you want to migrate from or to Selenium IDE, UI.Vision also has: