Macro Record is duplicating steps

Using V4.0.1

Recording a macro to navigate to a web portal, log in, navigate, input variables (date ranges etc.), click buttons.

It technically “works” but is recording several of the steps up to 8 times. For example, I only want to type 01/01/2016 just once. I did not have this issue in V3.8.8 when recording the same process. Might stick with that version for now… EDIT: now having the same issue with V3.8.8 EDIT2: I am an idiot, I was pointing to the old html file with the .vbs file. Not same issue with V3.8.8

I’ve already noticed the problem. For me it helped when I just restarted the record or rather the browser.

It seems this happens when a website has some complex frame or iframe structure. If you can recreate the problem on a public website, please post the link here so we can debug this further.