Loop parameter for command line

Hey folks,

I’m trying to run a test suite from command line with
$ "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "file://C:\Users\myUser\Desktop\Kantu\macros\tests_folder\test1.html?folder=tests_folder"

I have the relevant macros setup to csvRead a 20-row CSV file. I am able to run the test suite through 1 loop, but I need to run through 20 loops. How do I set the loop parameter when running via command line? I’m not seeing a relevant param in the docs#cmd.

The UI Vision command line does not have a loop parameter because you can integrate the loops into the macro itself, see here: Missing CSV loop functionality with Kantu v5.0.1

If you want to send a certain loop value (e. g. 20) to the macro, you can use the cmd_var1 switch, and then use ${!cmd_var1} in your WHILE-loop.

cmd_var1=hello%21world, cmd_var2, cmd_var3 - Send values to a Kantu macro from the command line. Inside the macro you can access the value with the internal variables {!cmd_var1}, {!cmd_var2} and ${!cmd_var3}