Looking for RPA Developer

Hi All - We’re looking for a Developer to create a somewhat simple marco for us. I’ve played around with it but am not savvy enough to get it to where we’d like. Here’s what were looking for:

  1. Click on a “Purchase” button
  2. Click on a 2nd “Confirm Purchase” button
  3. Wait for page to properly load (was having an issue with this part); Tried “Pause” and WaitTilLoad with limited success…Try to get all the steps completed as quickly as possible.
  4. Click on a final “Complete Purchase” button

We need to have the website that we’re working from up on the screen. We’d would then manually hit a “hotkey” which in turn would call the macro and complete the purchase steps.

We would also be looking for possibly some other automation steps if possible. But the above is the main macro we would need. Please feel free to message if interested.

Please check message.

Would gladly do this just send me a msg/email