Log File in Kantu shows top or middle row, not bottom (latest) row

When running Kantu, it would be really useful to be able to see the progress of the macro / test-suite. Currently, when the bottom of the pane is reached, every new line reported in the Log appears outside of the Log pane. Could you make it so the most recent (bottom) line is always the one displayed? It makes debugging the test scripts themselves SO much easier when you can see what’s going on! Thank you!!

In the new V5.3.7 the last line of the log file entry is automatically scrolled into view.

Thanks for letting me know. I upgraded this morning.

There does seem to be an improvement however it still isn’t working quite as expected. For example, I have a Test Suite running (i…e FileSystem = Hard Drive - so a folder structure is being used). There are three main macros, some of which will call sub-macros in the SUB folder. On the whole, it does appear to show the last line, but there are still instances where a number of lines are not displayed. I think this happens when running as a Test Suite rather than when running as an individual macro, and perhaps when calling other macros in the Sub folder, then returning to the Main macro, etc.