Local OCR not working

Hi, we are an enterprise OCR customer and can’t use the local Linux OCR engine after upgrade to version 8.1.3. It has customer impact and can’t run offline OCR anymore. How could we setup the local OCR as before?

The Local OCR server setting has moved here:

If this does not solve the issue, please email team AT ui.vision to discuss this

we sent many emails, No one replied. We brought a enterprise license but got no service at all.

Of course we replied. We provided you with a workaround (downgrade to earlier version, the one just before this issue) and you confirmed to me that this workaround solves the issue (for the time being). We even provided a custom built.

As we mentioned at this time, we plan to provide a regular fix with the next upgrade, but this takes some more time.

PS: Re-checking the emails now, I see now that your name is not on the email with the solution/workaround, some other colleagues asked about it. Could it be that this email never reached you?