Local OCR Inquiry

Good Evening,

My organization is purchasing 10 licenses to include the Local OCR. There are 2 different programs within my organization that will be sharing the number of licenses (Ex: 5 licenses for program A and the other 5 licenses for program B). My question is for the local OCR that will be on-premise, how will that work between the two different programs?

Will we need to purchase an additional local OCR for program B? Please advise. Thank you.

Thanks for asking! You only need to purchase one Local OCR license for your organization. Program A and program B can connect to the same OCR server!

Will Program A be able to see the images Program B captured on their system and vice versa?

No! Each OCR API call is completely separated from another. Program B has no access to any data from program A.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your speedy responses.

Good Afternoon,

What are the system requirements to run the local OCR server?

Operating System: Windows 2016/2019 Server (any Edition), Windows 10 + IIS also possible.

Memory: 8 GB is enough

CPU: All typical PC and server CPUs work fine. The faster the CPU, the faster the OCR conversion.

The OCR quality is 100% the same as the hosted OCR service that we offer at https://ocr.space , and the documentation that you find on https://ocr.space/ocrapi applies to the on-premise version as well.

The only difference between the hosted OCR API and OCR.space LOCAL is that the local version is much faster:

The typical OCR time per image or page is around ~0.3-0.7s on an average system for OCR.space Local. We guarantee a performance of less then 1s per page/image, or full money back.

Good Morning,

Once we receive the Local OCR license, does installation instructions come by email? Also how to configure the server to hosts our two separate programs? Is it possible to have those instructions beforehand? Our company is going through the purchasing process and we would like to be prepared once we obtain the licenses. Thank you.

Hello @JessicaRenee29 - sure, we can email you the installation instructions beforehand. Just email us at team AT ocr.space