Loading external CSV file

I have the FileAccess Xmodule loaded and my home folder is set.

I have a csv file (websites.csv) in the datasources subfolder of the home folder.

I am attempting to use cvsRead to get this data but I get the error:
csv file ‘websites.csv’ does not exist.

The command I am using is:
“Command”: “csvRead”,
“Target”: “websites.csv”,
“Value”: “mywebsites”,
“Description”: “”

Is your csv file in the /datasources folder?

I just see that. Strange, then it should work. Maybe double check it is really in this folder? And this folder is in the root folder of UIVision XModule?

Ah, maybe because of that? VALUE column must not have an entry for csvRead. The data is put in ${!Col1} etc.

I have tried removing that as well.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Maybe someone can spot it.

I created a video here showing the problem.

Anyone have a suggestion?

The video was very helpful! => You need to switch the storage mode to “hard-drive mode”, then it will work:

Thank you so much!!!