Learning UI.Vision

Hi there, I’m just trying to find what would be the best way to learn automation basically, using UI.Vision. I’m completely new to everything (coding, selenium, anything, you name it) and would love to know where I should start to learn.

The first project I would like to do is to be able to store all the links in a website in an ordered list, have it click on each link 1 at a time, until it finishes running through the entire website and has clicked on every link.

Basically what I think I need/want to do:
-Assign all links on a webpage to an ordered list
-Have a counter variable that + 1 every time a link is clicked so you can go onto the next link, all the way until the last # of links

I’m not sure how to implement that or if it’s as easy as I think it is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Start from here


Install Ui vision for Chrome or Firefox and look the demo macro code

list of command


To automate need time, I used imacros for 10 years, after i switched to ui vision and after 6 months i can automate all sites.

Some commands are similar imacros.

Good Luck

Thank you! I’m still having trouble for my inquiry at hand…

Let’s say for example: https://www.wikipedia.org/

I want to grab all the links (either by their actual website link or through an identifier) on the website, store it in a variable (list) or csvLine (whatever works, not sure which ones better) and open them 1 by 1. How would I be able to do that in the IDE?

Hi there, if you are interested in learning the tool, I am currently creating simple mini-tutorials - 5-12 mins each that touches on specific topics.

It’s meant for beginners who have no experience with the tool to start learning.

If you are interested, you can see these tutorials on my blog at Automation | Steven C.K. Wong


Your videos have been SUPER helpful! Please continue making them. Thank you!

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The UI Vision Videos channel on Youtube is where we post new screencasts whenever we create them.

@steven Thanks for creating these great UI Vision tutorials! We highly recommend them to anyone and I will mark your post as solution for this question now :slight_smile:

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I’m new here curious to learn everything but your videos are complicated and this steven whom you marked as a solution well i clicked the link given by him but it ain’t opening,If you may help how can i learn i would be thankful