KEY_PGDN/KEY_PAGE_DOWN is not working

KEY_PGDN/KEY_PAGE_DOWN is not working for me. Please help me to set target and value fields to work with page down/up.
If there is any option for scroll down/up. Please help me to resolve this.

DP Rao

There are unfortunately many cases where the Selenium IDE style KEY_PAGE_DOWN (etc) do not work. This is by design, since they only trigger DOM-level Javascript events. The web page might or might not execute them correctly.


  • Use SeeShell Browser, it simulates real keyboard events

  • Wait for the September update of Kantu, by then we will have a new native module that can simulate real keyboard events :wink: [Being cross-platform, it will not be as full-featured as the Windows only SeeShell, but it will be very cool]

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Was it implemented? I have 3.1.8 and i can’t see the way to scroll down with a basic commands.
Is there any way now?
Thanks in advance.

The September update is now an October update :smiley: => There have been some delays on our side, but the XTYPE command will be available soon. It should show up in the beta version in a few days.