Keep crashing after V6.3.1 upgrade

after V6.3.1 upgrade there is a significant stability problem
the extension keep crashing every few hours
i have multiple automated chrome/chromium browsers running on different machines including linux and windows, and they all suffer the problem since the upgrade
Anyone find the same on their machine ?

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Can you post a test macro? How often do you see this crash? Like 1 in 100 macro runs, or 1 in a 1000?

Please try again with V6.3.2.

hi admin and ulrich, thanks for the reply
i have tried V632 but same problem remains
attached the screen capture for your reference

this happen to all my chromium based browsers (which were all upgraded to V632)
on the other hand firefox browsers (V626) running the same script have no problem at all

Issue confirmed => We are working on it! See also Manifest V3 migration

This memory leak issue is solved with V6.3.3.