Kantu window crashes when deleting last code line of any script file

With version 8.3.2 in Chrome I’m running into a new issue where the Kantu window crashes when deleting last line of any script file.

  1. I reinstalled Kantu
  2. Did not install any additional scripts
  3. went into one of the demo scripts.
  4. the moment I delete the very last line of the script the entire Kantu window goes blank and I can only close the kantu window and restart it.

This does not happen to Edge, but there I also have an older version 8.2.7 installed.

Can you try this on a different system? Or maybe even just in a new Chrome profile? We can not recreate this issue.

I just tried in another chrome profile, same issue:
Note: Before I removed the old kantu (older version) from this profile, it worked.
Then I installed it brand new seeing the same issue.
Again, it just happens if you delete the last line of code as shown in this example.

Meanwhile we confirmed the issue, thanks for reporting it!

Yeah :slight_smile: I’m so happy you can see that, too. Thank you for the updated!