Kantu stops executing if other tabs are open in the same browser(chrome)

I have my first tab assigned for kantu, I click on the first tab and then click “play” on my kantu test suite which contains like 10 macros. if i keep looking at the tab and wait till it complete then it works fine. However after hitting “play” on test suite and opening new tabs to do my other work like “whatsapp web” or open “gmail.com” it seems to just stop executing and freeze at at a random command.

Do I have to always keep the tab open ? can i not open other tabs and surf the internet in the same browser (chrome) while kantu is doing it’s repetitive tasks?

Are there ways to lock the test suite/macros to that one particular tab?

Please make sure that you are using the latest V3.1.7 - released roughly around the time of your post :slight_smile:

3.1.7 fixes Issue after update minimizing Kantu while macro is running, which sounds like your issue.

If the update does not fix the issue, please let us know!

It doesn’t seems to be fixed, I still have the issue. Once both the “chrome browser” and “kantu extension window” is minimized the execution is paused and stops with the “purple” color on the command it stopped. But When looking at the “chrome browser” or the “kantu extension window” there is no problem and it completes the macro successfully.

Please give some suggestions on how to go about this?

Strange, I can not recreate this issue. All works ok even if everything is minimized. Some questions:

  1. Does this issue happen with one of the demo macros as well?

  2. Does it happen in both, Firefox and Chrome?

  3. Are you testing on Win, Mac or Linux?

Hi Admin,

Thank you for your prompt reply,

I tried to run the demo cases to see if it fails when both “chrome browser - window” and “kantu extension - window” are minimized, surprisingly it works fine for the demo, to be exact i tried the demo from the test suites: “DemoLoopsInsideTestSuite”.

I am also confused why my test-suit would work completely fine when either “chrome browser” or “kantu extension window” is open but not when they are minimized. It is little weird.

These are some differences I found regarding my own “test suite” and the demo “DemoLoopsInsideTestSuite”:

I have a lot of “click” commands in my macro, while the demo seems to have less or even no “click” command on it. could it be because of that, does the click command reply on the computer’s interface?

my platforms:

  1. windows 10 (64-bit OS)
  2. tests were made on chrome - up to date

I installed “kantu browser automation” extension in firefox but i couldn’t test my case as file upload is not supported in firefox extension mentioned by the error i recieved:
“Setting file path fo file inputs is not supported by Firefox extension api yet”

I hope we can narrow down the cause of this error by troubleshooting together guys