Kantu running slowly

I’ve been having issues for a while now where even with a speed setting of “fast” Kantu runs quite slowly. It appears to be worse if I’m running a long macro or have had my browser open for a long time. Closing my browser and then running a macro will typically get it back to running as the “fast” setting intends, but closing my browser and logging back into everything isn’t ideal.

browser: chrome
kantu version: 3.1.8

Hi… how long is long in your case? An hour or a day? :wink:

Not sure which part you’re referring to but my macro isn’t that long, 5 minutes or so. As far as the browser, I might have it open the whole day or at least several hours. Just curious if anyone else has been experiencing their macros running really slow even on “fast”.


What if you clear logs and select “No log” before launching your script ?



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to test it further, it may help a little but I don’t think that’s the main issue here. I use Chrome as my main driver and that’s what’s open all day. If I fire up a macro in chrome after it’s been open for a while it’s just generally slower. But if i close Chrome completely and then run the macro it’s fast, or if I open Firefox and run the macro it’s fast. And we’re talking night and day difference here. There’s something about having your browser open for a long time that really slows down my kantu. No idea if this is specific to me somehow or if other people have noticed this?

I think that is a general issue with web browsers that are open (too) long.

What if you run your macro via the command line? This way you can start the browser, and Kantu can close Chrome and Firefox once the macro is completed with close=1.

Hi ulrich,

Well the whole thing is I’d prefer not to close Chrome because I usually have multiple tabs open and I’m signed into things. I think I’m just going to transfer my macros over to Firefox, that way I can close the browser without needing to worry about losing progress and signing back into things multiple times every day.