Kantu performing repetitive task in spreadsheet?

Hi guys,

I have created a Macro that does the following steps within Google Sheets:

  • copy the word within the selected cell
  • paste the word into a search box within the Google Sheet Addon “Spotlight”
  • click on the first search result in the dropdown menu that appears
  • click on “Insert”

Then the cell underneath the first cell is automatically selected.

However, when I loop this it doesn’t copy the new word in the new cell, or paste it into the search box. It simply copies and pastes the first word over and over again. I’m assuming I need to include a variable somewhere.

What information do you need from me to help me out?

Can you add a screencast of what is going wrong? Otherwise it is difficult to understand the situation.

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Thanks for the reply Timo! Please watch this video to understand what I am trying to do: